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The Technological Giants

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The internet has reshuffled the power dynamics of many. A lot of my own enlightenment surfaced as I teach two modules ‘Digital Economy’ and ‘Entertainment Industries’ for undergraduates. The former talks about how the gig economy has reshaped work, life and opportunities. The latter discusses about various dimensions relating to the entertainment world.


I am truly passionate about the arts media and entertainment world. As we discuss about music, film, dramas, games, I cannot help but think about how these forms have fundamentally changed with internet. The emergence of new roles like influencers, bloggers, tiktokers, podcasters, all add a deeper dimension into the world of performing and entertainment. ‘Old school’ performers and professionals, writers cry foul; but soon realise they need to keep up with the impending gigantic technological waves coming their way.


If you switch too late, you could be forgotten, that’s the game.


What’s clear is also a rise of internet warriors- who would take any opportunity to act, kill, or leverage on any chances; to bring people down and to put themselves out, in hopes of getting more clout and influence. Some are doing it for fun.


The mob mentality is shaped by human desire to be entertained; as real drama unfolds through their intimate social spaces. This herd mentality could be scary, as people start to behave collectively, without exercising much self restraint and respect. It’s like an open field where everyone has the licence to throw stones at one another without any game master.


And perhaps game masters like Google, facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, namely the Big 5s, could be smiling away. These technological giants have achieved in leaps and bounce; the technological developments have improved lives.


Everyone has a smartphone and seemingly connected. But what lies beneath all these perhaps are ramifications we could never imagined.


People are fighting for attention now. And attention is the new currency. If we do not get the attention, people get sad. That perhaps could be what the millennials are thinking right now. Yet the technological giants want us to fight for attention.


Why? We should know better. Advertising, eyeballs, subscriptions, Purchase.


Who wins in the Long run ?


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