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    December 27, 2020
    戴上新的黑眼镜 穿上旧的丑牛仔 抛下生命的阅历 回到十字路口的桑地 来到了车库熟悉地 捡起了生锈的工具 想起了当初的决定 预想一切真回不去 忙着打开收音机 熟悉声音广播剧 一切只变潮杂音 记恨时间旋转不停 试着要骑点单去 预料颖钦开不起 怎么总是怀不起 关键时刻举起不定 再坏一次 能不能 再绮一次 肯不肯 再坏一次 找出生活的 PlanB 再绮一次 开往新的地方去 再坏一次 再坏一次 再坏一次 再坏一次 再绮一次 再绮一次 再绮一次 再绮一次 一切回不去 单车开不起 怀不能回去 一切都失去
    October 15, 2020 · Life
    黑色小猫咪 身形小勇气大 独立自信有个性 猫有几条生命 不是听说有九条 今早呼吸好像没声音 黑色小猫咪 总是不问也不理 曾经差点丢了命 但你勇敢的爬上去 拍照时你不躲避 总是瞪着大眼睛 黑色小猫咪 黑色小猫咪 黑暗世界小毛病 很快演变大问题 黑色小猫咪 黑色小猫咪 等待早晨的来临 说了最后的猫语 冲冲忙忙就离去 黑色小猫咪 你是勇敢小猫咪 不慌不忙的个性 六年身边没生气 今天早上没呼吸 心中开始怀念你 Kuro小猫咪 谢谢你不放弃
    August 31, 2020 · Academia
    The internet has reshuffled the power dynamics of many. A lot of my own enlightenment surfaced as I teach two modules ‘Digital Economy’ and ‘Entertainment Industries’ for undergraduates. The former talks about how the gig economy has reshaped work, life and opportunities. The latter discusses...
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    Workfare 2019

    MOM Workfare Commercial

    This production was by Freeflow Productions. The shoot took two days to complete.

  • Explore more with Dennis

    As an Actor Model Entrepreneur, Dennis is on a personal Mission to encourage people to Explore More with their lives. After reading a book titled ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, Dennis vows to stop working full-time for companies and began his entrepreneurial journey, starting a foot reflex brand, a nail spa, and an influencer marketing agency.

    Love what you do, do what you love!

    Dennis believes in exploring his life options to the fullest. After a short stint in the entertainment scene when he was 24, of which he entered into Singapore Star Search final 12, and after a Long hiatus, he started his modeling and acting career once again in 2015. He is now the face of several notable local commercials, and was also involved in 2 mediacorp shows from Channel 8. Amidst all these, he is also a part-time lecturer with Curtin Singapore, MDIS and Temasek Poly and a Financial Planner with AIA.

  • About Dennis Toh

    An actor model who has appeared in more than 20 local commercials and dramas in the last 3 years, Dennis Toh begun his acting journey when he entered as the TOP 12 finalists for Star Search 2001. After a 14 year hiatus, Dennis got in touched with a fellow alumnus and was involved as an actor in 2 church plays. His love for acting and modeling was since reignited.


    Dennis graduated from NTU, WKWSCI in 2006 and had recently launched a book ‘101 ways to get publicity’. He was last seen as a security guard in a ‘MOM workfare’ Commercial.


    He has appeared in Four Horse Road 2020 staged by The Theatre Practice In Mar/April 2020.


    He currently teaches Mass Media and Communication subjects at a few tertiary institutions in Singapore.

  • A Lonely Fish

    Take a look and enjoy!

    I was part of the Toggle Original Series ' A Lonely Fish' starring beside Cynthia Koh, Joey Swee, Her Ying Ying and Pierre Png

  • Babies on Board

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Babies On Board is a Chinese television drama that airs on the Singaporean television channel Mediacorp Channel 8 on weeknights. Actors include Jessica Liu, Meixin, Yahui and Tay Ping Hui

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  • Credentials

    Life is about Experiencing.

    My Education & Training

    Mass Communications & Marketing

    Mediacorp Acting Class 1999

    Star Search Singapore Top 12 Training in Singing, Acting, Hosting and Dancing 2001

    Master of Mass Communications from NTU, Wee Kim Wee School of Communications & Information 2006

    (Highest Academic Qualification)


    Teaching in Higher Education Certificate awarded by Temask Polytechnic 2011


    CMFAS, M9, M9A, M5,Health Insurance 2018

    Be a Dynamic & Brilliant Master of Ceremonies trained by Trainer in Public Speaking, Ernest Chen 2015.

    Certificate of Acting, Lasalle International School Singapore, 2016


    Comedic Improvisation course by Haque Centre for Acting & Creativity May 2017- July 2017

    ​Diction in Standard Mandarin, Nine Years Theatre, Sept 2017


    Lecoq Method Acting by HCAC, Jan-Feb 2018


    Producing for the Stage by Bhumi Collective Feb 2018


    Acting Master Class Conducted by Oliver Chong The Finger Players 3-21 Dec 2018


    Broadway Singing Programme by Intune Music June 2019

    Improv 101 with The Improv Company June 2019
    Michael Chekhov and Meisner Techniques Workshop with Khairul Kamsani July 2019
    Broadway Singing with Intune Music June 2019
    Being Series 2019 with Ang Gey Pin Aug/Sept 2019
    TEXTing Solo with Jonathan Lim Dec 2019
    Embodied Self 2020 under Ang Gey Pin Sept 2020
    Pop Singing Vocal Lessons with Hitmaker Global Academy Oct 2020

    My Professional Job Titles

    Academic, Business & Entertainment

    Associate Lecturer, Curtin Singapore, Management Development Institute of Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic and Kaplan Singapore (Sept 2020)


    Actor Model (Freelance)




    Subjects I have taught

    Empowering Students

    Current Teaching Assignments ( 2020 )

    Jan - Jun 2020


    Curtin University ( School of Marketing)

    Internet Marketing


    Temasek Polytechnic

    Principles of Management / Fundamentals of Management



    Media and Propaganda

    Public Relations, Strategy and Principles


    Subjects I which I am capable to teach:

    Advertising & Promotions


    Integrated Marketing Communications


    Sales Management


    Internet Marketing


    Social Media Marketing


    Consumer Behaviour


    Public Relations


    Creative Campaign Project


    Media Studies 2


    Making it in the Media


    Media and Propaganda


    Strategic Advertising


    The Craft of Modeling

    IDA TVC and Print Ad




    KAO Corporate Video


    Extra Space Print Campaign

    Ikea Christmas TVC


    CHAN BROTHERS Print Campaign

    Thomas & Friend Print & Video Campaign


    Manulife Print & TVC Campaign 2016

    Vitagen TVC 2016


    Starhub TVC 2016

    Singtel TVC 2016


    Guinness Stout TVC 2016


    My Starhub App 2016


    Zendic Plus 2017


    Dester Beer 2017


    Wheellock Place 2018

    Riverfront Residences 2018


    Philips Shaver 2018


    Central Narcotic Bureau Anti-Drug Video 2019


    MOM Workfare Nov 2019


    NTUC Fair Price Print Campaign Dec 2019


    OCBC Housing Loan Commercial 2020


    East Coast Park Revamped Video 2020 [Not Out Yet]


    Stage/ Dramas

    The Passion of Acting

    Latest: A Lonely Fish by Toggle Originals


    Latest: Babies on Board by Channel 8


    Latest: Dear Neighbours by Channel 8


    Stage Play: The Search for True Love 2015

    Stage Play: Who is Jesus 2016

    Chuan Pictures:Provision Shop 2016

    Mediacorp Studios: Tanglin 2016

    Reta Productions: Trapped Minds 2016

    Wawa Pictures: Fire Up 2016


    Wawa Pictures: Crescendo 2015


    Student Film (ITE): Ang Ku Kueh


    Student Film ( Ngee Ann Poly): For PAT

    Student Film ( Lasalle): Last Memory

    Short Film ( Office Politics) for MM2 Short Film Competition 2016

    Feet Haven Awards

    Awards Motivate

    1) Best Foot Massage Harpers Bazaar Spa Awards 2013

    2) Best Value Foot Spa by Simply Her Magazine

    3) SMES Asia Award 2014/15.

    4) ELLE Beauty Treat LIST 2015 Best Foot Reflexology

    5) 30 Min Shoulder & Neck Massage Award: Best Quick Fix Massage

    6) 60 Min Foot Reflexology Award: Best Foot Massage

    7) Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2016 : Best Quick Fix Massage

    8) Cleo Body Awards 2016: Best Foot Massage


    Note: I have sold the business in January 2020. Please continue to support the new owners of Feet Haven Reflexology.



    Shows Hosted

    Everyone is a publisher

    *NTUC ADC Team Building Day (Emcee)

    *Sentosa Cove Holiday Market / 25 & 26 Nov 2016 (Emcee)


    * PoMo Arts Busk 2016/ Emcee 19,20,26,27 Aug 2016

    * Wedding Emcee / 18th June 2016

    * NUS Office of Student Affairs / Emcee 29 April 2016

    * Wedding Banquet/ Emcee 26 March 2016

    * Reseller Night / Emcee 16 Feb 2016

    * SEP Dinner & Dance 29 Jan 2016

    * Dinner & Dance for ASUS 22 Jan 2016

    * Dinner & Dance Emcee at Bintan 16 Jan 2016

    * Christmas D&D / Emcee 27th Dec 2015

    * Fastacash D&D Event/ Emcee 18th Dec 2015

    *Ang Mo Kio RC Xmas Event / Emcee 19 Dec 2015

    * Water View Condo Christmas Event / Emcee 20 Dec 2015

    * Opto Pharm Dinner & Dance/ Emcee 4th Dec 2015

    * DFASS Scoot Team Bonding Event/ Emcee 16 Nov 2015

    * Sunshine Bakeries Roadshow/Emcee 7/8 Nov 2015

    * Bridal Roadshow at Orchard Gateway 24 Oct 2015

    * Featured DJ every Thur on 97.2FM Radio 8-9pm 2016

    Work in Progress

    Unfulfilled Dreams

    Finished two scripts - waiting for collaborators and investors


    Working on my own music EP

  • Screen Acting

    A Lonely Fish Toggle Originals


    Who is Jesus


    & Academia


    Manulife Poster Boy 2016



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